Dear Beauty Pageant Enthusiast,

     Do you know how to add that special winning "spice" to your personality?

     Do you know the secret signal that makes the judges believe that you deserve to win?

     Do you know the most important thing to remember when choosing your talent competition?

     If not, you will soon :)  

My name is Vicky Johnson and I've been a beauty pageant analyst & consultant for the past 10 years. Over the years I've had many girls come to me seeking beauty pageant advice.

The most common type of girls who approach me are those who are new to beauty pageants and need advice on the industry and on how to win (actually more often than not it's their parents that approach me).

The first thing I tell them is not to worry... they (or their child) don't need to have lots of experience to do well in pageants.  I then go through an overview of the beauty pageant industry and offer them all sorts of tips and strategies to give them confidence and an edge over their competition.

After our meetings, I would often hear something to the effect of:

"Vicky... thanks so much for your know,  you should
really write some kind of guide or book on this stuff"

So finally after 10 years in the business I decided to do just that!

After months of working on it, the result is what I have called "The Beauty Pageant Success System". It's a home study guide designed primarily for "regular people" with little or no experience with beauty pageants, that helps them get up to speed fast.

 Written in plain, easy-to-understand english and easy to follow instructions my guide shows you everything you need to know to easily stand out in the competition and make a remarkable impression on the judges.

I start the guide by giving an overview of the beauty pageant industry, then I teach you all of the basics... how to dress, how to wear your hair, what never to do, how to improve your modeling, how to capitalize on the talent portion of the event, answers that impress judges and much much more.

It's extremely user-friendly. All of the information is laid out clearly, and concisely, so you can learn at your own pace and not feel overwhelmed.

Here are just a few of the great secrets you’ll uncover:

  • What are judges looking for? Why do some girls win again and again, and some never seem to get a crown?  
  • How do you know what judges want to hear in an interview? 
  • Is it more important to focus on beauty or brains?
  • How do you let the judges know that you are the girl that deserves to win?  
  • If you are new to pageants, are you afraid that you will feel out of place? Are you dressed right for the pageant ?  Discover why the price tag of your dress or the store where you bought it doesn't matter!  

As the mother of an 10-year-old daughter who has competed in 7 pageants, I've been trying to do some research on the best way she can get to the next level. This book has given me everything I need to know and some outstanding information on what to look for. Thank you.

Elsie Baker

  • How should older girls (Miss Division and up) model the swim wear segment?
  • Should a pageant contestant get dental veneers? Find out some low cost tricks.
  • Where are the secrets to winning kiddie pageants? 
  • Where do you find information about pageants for little girls and kiddies? 
  • How do you get your body to look great without starving yourself?
  • Find out how to increase your chances of winning a state pageant.
  • Learn how your pageant experience can be the springboard to a modeling and showbiz career (Most people overlook this).
  • Are all contestants skinny? Is there a size rule?
  • Is it true that pageant directors actually pick the winners in advance?

"We spent thousands of dollars over the years on entry fees, dresses, photos, etc. My daughter won several trophies and tiaras, but we were just spinning our wheels and not really getting anywhere. We thought about giving up on pageants and then a friend suggested Vicky's ebook. Well, we won our very next event and now we're headed for the state pageant. I highly recommend this!"

Estelle Louise

  • If there is already a favorite in a major pageant, why it’s crucial for the other contestants to know how to put their best foot forward to handle the competition.
  • What are the most important things a judge looks for?
  • If I think the judges are looking for a particular type of girl, should I try to remake myself into that type?
  • What is the most effective way to get enter a pageant without paying any sponsorship?
  • How best to attain sponsorship to fund all your pageants?
  • Where you can learn basic pageant hairstyles for beauty, interview, sportswear, etc. to save paying a hairstylist.

Few years back, I entered my first pageant and was thrilled to be named 2nd Runner Up. I’m grateful that I made it that far. I would never have reach that state so quickly without the splendid coaching from Vicky Johnson.

For years, I could not find a good and knowledgeable person in the pageant industry who has so much patience. Now, everyone is so fortunate to benefit from her expertise. By implementing the tips and suggestions that Vicky provides in her guide, pageant contestants can achieve a higher level of success. I am living proof of that. There is also information that will help judges and emcees improve their techniques and elevate their skill levels. No wonder she always tells me, you can win your next pageant!

Susan Burkill

  • How do you keep a 19-month-old baby calm while you are trying to fix her hair and put her makeup on?
  • How can you know which pageant is right for you.
  • What should be the contestant's underlying mission and objective.
  • Participate in pageants without spending an arm and a leg -- find out how.
  • What is the ultimate secret of a winner!
  • How can you find out everything you can about the judges before the pageant starts?
  • How to stand out from the rest ..
  • How to appear better than the other girls...even when you're not!!!
  • Specific questions you must ask before entering any pageant.

I've never participated in a pageant before, in fact I'll admit that I've been too self-conscience and timid to go for it. But, now that I'm in high school and I've had some "on-stage" experience as a cheerleader I am definitely considering entering a pageant and trying for some scholarship money. Not only will I be able to make a lot of new friends but I am sure that I can and will finish in the top five by implementing your suggestions. Thanks.

Becky Thompson, future contestant.

  • How to keep your cool on stage...even if you're totally freaked out!
  • What is the appropriate dress and hair style for a five-year-old's first pageant?
  • Should you try to try for an elegant look, or just be yourself?
  • How to find pageants in your local area.
  • The one mistake you must avoid so that you won’t become disliked by others at the pageant.
  • The secrets to winning, even if you are not exactly beautiful.
  • Ultimate resources on the websites every winner must know about.
  • What is the key to winning in the babies division?
  • How to prepare for the press and the limelight.

Ever since my mom and dad promised me that I could be in a beauty pageant, I have been reading all I can about how to do a good job and I really think that it will be easy for me to at least do as well as the other more experienced girls. Thanks

Ashley D., age 13.

  • Who writes the final interview questions?
  • A simple but important question: Should you wear your hair up or down?
  • How to be motivate the right way.
  • The ‘rapport with the judges’ method and why this is one of the most powerful winning techniques.
  • If you are competing against girls three or four years older than you, do you want your dress to show your age or make you look older?
  • Do you need prior experience to win?
  • What should the younger girls do with their arms and hands while walking on stage?
  • Is it proper for younger girls to blow a kiss at the judges while modeling?

 I've competed in pageants since I was a little girl,and I always thought that I knew a lot about pageants and how to win or make a good showing but this book taught me some things that I didn't even know. Thanks for all the great information and I will definitely recommend your book!"

Nicky Sims

  • Are some pageants really rigged? If so, how do you know which ones?
  • Does being a member of a minority group help or hurt your chances of winning...or does it make no difference either way?
  • How you can display self-confidence in the midst of a huge, rowdy crowd.
  • How to capitalize on the talent portion of the evening...even if you think you have no talents at all.
  • True or False: The judges will always pick the "hometown girl" over other competitors. False! Especially when you know the secret.
  • What is the correct way to answer political interview questions? Should you try to guess the judges' political affiliation?
  • Where do the judges place the greatest it on the gown, the interview, the pose, or the overall look? 

"Before my mum gave me this book, I always thought that I was a good pageant contestant. Now that I've implemented your ideas, I've become super-dangerous. Watch out future wanna be Miss America's, you've got competition. Your book should be required reading for all pageant contestants."

Angela Murray

  • How much makeup is too much?
  • What's the best way to grab the judges attention, when there is only the beauty walk? (No interview, swim wear, or sportswear) 
  • Even if you think you are the most beautiful girl in the pageant, make sure you remember this!
  • What one thing you must remember about how to get the perfect pageant body without starving!
  • How you can calm your nerves before a pageant. 
  • When preparing for an interview, how can you avoid sounding too rehearsed?
  • If your daughter has braces at age 13, is that a problem?
  • How an eleven-year-old can improve her modeling.
  • How important is it to get along with the other girls?
  • Should a three-year-old wear makeup and a wig?
  • And much, much more!

You'll See Results Instantly On Your Very First Pageant...

    Armed with such insider information, you'll be winning (or at least finishing near the top) often, in no time flat thanks to the "Beauty Pageant Success System". By the time you get finished going through the information in my guide, you'll know more than most of the so called "pros".  

"I bought this for my niece who has placed well in a number of pageants and she truly believes that it is a must for girls interested in pageants around the world. She believes that it provides readers a ton of helpful information and helpful resources as well. She highly recommends this book and so do I for a great gift idea!"

Bill Mahony

But wait, there's more...

    You'll discover how your pageant experience can help you go beyond your horizons, and make you a more confident person. Discover how fabulous, wonderful, beautiful, and talented you are. Know your own greatness, for it is already within you. Shine forth for you are a winner

 Alright Vicky I want the guide, but how much is it going to cost?

Well, you could pay hundreds (or even thousands of dollars) to have a personal pageant consultant teach you the same things I teach in "Beauty Pageant Success". You can spend hundreds of dollars on video packages or attend expensive seminars and hope they are high quality and worth the money. 

Or you can order "Beauty Pageant Success" and be on your way to pageant success for a fraction of the cost. To be honest, I have a silent business partner who's helping me sell my guide. He wants to charge at least $100 for the guide, but I wanted to charge less. I didn't want price to be an issue and I want to get my guide in as many hands as possible... so I made a deal with him.

He is going to let me sell my "Beauty Pageant Success" at an introductory price of only $37! But after the first 250 sales I have to raise the price. So if you are reading this and the price is only $37 it means it is your lucky day and we have not hit the 250 mark yet! 

Here is how the ordering works

You simply click the "Click here to order" link below, and you'll be taken to a secure payment gateway where you can pay via credit card or Paypal. Then after your payment you will be taken to a special web page where you will be able to download my guide.

The guide will be in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file... so it's easy to print out on your computer or just read it right from your internet browser. This means no shipping fees and no waiting for a package to arrive... you get my guide instantaneously! 

So what are you waiting for?  :) 

Simply click on the blue underlined "Click here to order" link below to get instant access to the guide.

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Buy "Beauty Pageant Success" and if you are not 100% satisfied with it simply contact me within 56 days of your purchase and I'll give you a full refund.  No hassles, no questions asked!


Vicky Johnson
Beauty Pageant Analyst & Consultant

PS: Imagine the stunned looks you'll get from your family and friends as you walk down the runway wearing the crown! They'll be amazed and wonder how you pulled it off with so little experience!

PPS: If what you've read sounds interesting don't put off buying, I'd hate for you to come back only to find that 250 copies have been sold and the guide has increased in price.

PPPS: Remember that your purchase is 100% risk free because it's backed by my 56 day "no hassle" money back guarantee!

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